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There are many reasons why installing a commercial solar system is a good idea. The most obvious one is that it will save you money on your electric bill. But there are other benefits, too. For example, it will make your business more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

With rising energy costs and a world-wide emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint, it makes sense for the savvy business owner to consider installing a commercial solar system.

At Solar Tactics, we have worked with many commercial businesses across a number of industries to assist them in lowering their electricity costs and ultimately gaining a return on their investment, not to mention the obvious benefits to the environment.

With an initial outlay for the commercial solar system and installation, and after taking into account any government rebates you may be entitled to, it is only a few years before your system may start earning you money, or at very least, actively reducing your power bills.

Solar Tactics provides fully qualified, accredited, and licensed solar PV system installation services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We use the best brands and latest technology in Solar Panels, Batteries and Inverters, and all are compliant with Australian Standards.

Solar Tactics uses Clean Energy Council (CEC) Australia accredited installers and adhere to the CEC Code of Conduct. We are highly reputable in the industry, experienced and with an established track record in Solar PV System installation and sales.

How we can help?

Solar Tactics will help by planning, designing and installing the best Solar PV System matched to your requirements, whether it is to offset your energy costs, using battery storage to store excess energy, and/or accessing any eligible government incentives such as Feed in Tariffs.

Plan: We will review your energy bills, your energy usage and determine where you are using the bulk of your power. We calculate the space available to install Solar Panels – Solar PV Panels work most effectively when facing the right direction and not effected by shading. We also check if there are any local council requirements for your Solar PV System. We may also use structural engineers to ensure that the weight of the panels is suitable for the roof space, for safety and performance. We also take into account that most commercial roof tops will have additional shading from air-conditioning units, extractor fans or mechanical ventilation – all which require a custom solution.

Design: Using this information we will design a system that supplements your energy usage and reduces your bills. If you don’t use much energy during the day, we can design a system that stores the power for later, using the latest in battery storage technology. If you prefer not to install a battery, then we can design a system that allows you to receive eligible feed in tariffs, to offset the cost of your system. We use electrical engineers to design an electrical layout and grid protection if required. We will also work in collaboration with the relevant distributor or power company to get your system installed.

Connect: We will ensure that your system is properly installed and optimised for your usage by using qualified Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We will contact your energy retailer and distributor and process all the relevant documentation as quick as possible. So now just sit back and start saving on your power bills!

How does it save you money?

Businesses don’t have to be high tech to reap the benefits of solar power – any company that uses power can achieve savings. As business generally uses power during the peak hours of 9am to 5pm, a commercial solar system pays for itself in a shorter time, often many times over. Solar power is particularly suited for commercial and manufacturing environments, with large roof spaces allowing bigger and better Solar PV systems and the benefits of being tax deductible.

A Solar Tactics Solar PV System installation will reduce the need to purchase energy from retailers and protect against future price rises by locking in energy costs. Unused power can be stored via a battery system or excess energy can be fed back into the grid to receive feed-in-tariffs. Energy security is also an important consideration for any business.

By installing a commercial Solar System you will reduce your carbon footprint. As consumers are becoming more ethically and environmentally aware, having green credentials will make it easier to do business. Businesses using a commercial Solar system can win more customers through competitive prices via lower energy costs, tax savings and of course being able to appeal to green consumers or use green credentials in quotes and tenders.

All our installs come with a 10 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind. If you have an existing system, we can also add extra panels, upgrade your existing panels or inverters and install additional monitoring systems.

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