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Solar Panel Installation Clyde North

Join the many Clyde North households that have installed a solar panel system and have benefited from reduced household energy costs. Solar Tactics specialise in custom solar panel packages that cater for your specific budget, property and required annual energy savings. Our custom packages ensure you get the maximum energy savings possible. For Clyde  North clients with an existing system in place and want to explore increasing your solar system size, we can also add additional solar panels or install a new inverter.


Cost-Efficient Solar Panel Systems

Our Clyde North team are fully qualified and licenced Solar PV system installation specialists. We only use accredited brands in solar panels, batteries and inverter technology. All our components are compliant with Australian standards. We take a customer-centric approach and pride ourselves on delivering expert advice and competitive pricing. Let our professional and friendly team help you make the best Solar PV System choice for your Clyde North home or business.


Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation Services

  • On-site evaluation
  • Bespoke solar panel system recommendations 
  • Solar power system design
  • Estimate on solar panel output 
  • Estimate power bill savings
  • Solar panel installation 
  • Solar inverter installation
  • Microinverter installation
  • Configure inverter apps to map your system’s energy output
  • Upgrades to existing systems and recommendations for improvements to solar systems already in place


Why use Solar Tactics for your Clyde North Solar Panel Installation?

  • We will evaluate your current energy bills, including current power usage and costs
  • After reviewing your requirements we will recommend the best solar power system for you, not just the biggest or most expensive
  • We provide you with a report on the estimated savings you can expect
  • Local, highly skilled team made up of independent system designers and installers.
  • Our team uses the latest in solar technology. 
  • We take pride in all our work and stand by our solar power installations
  • Full after-sales service provided


Solar Power Components we  Provide in Clyde North